Tor Modlin

Tor Modlin is a modern complex located in the area of ​​Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.

Our guests have at their disposal the most modern infrastructure in the country. We have two tracks; the training track equipped with skid plates, dry and wet obstacles, a vehicle destabilizer and a sport track which is completely separate from the training track. On our premises we also have a multi-functional building, ideal for hosting trainings and large events.


Tor Modlin - tor szkoleniowy

Training track

The smaller of the two skid plates has dimensions of 9 x 75 m. There are wet obstacles in the form of water curtains (2 rows of 3 curtains each) that can create computer-controlled water walls with a height of up to approx. 1.5 m.


Sport track

The sport track is about 1.2 km long. We can mark out many more or less winding routes on it with different degrees of difficulty, requiring precise driving or allowing for high speeds.

Tor Modlin

Main building

We have a three-storey, modern building with three lecture halls, a car demonstration room, view terraces, an indoor stand, a VIP area, garages and small catering rooms.


Centrum konferencyjne

Conference Centre in gunpowder warehouse

A very interesting part of our centre is the conference centre located in a nineteenth-century gunpowder warehouse. We have restored and modernized the building under the supervision of the heritage conservator.




construction year




seats on the stand


garage places

783 m2

training and conference rooms area


parking places

27 m2

screen surface

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