Main building

Main building

Tor Modlin offers more than just emotions in a car. For our guests we have also prepared functional facilities. We have a three-storey, modern building with three lecture halls, a car show room, view terraces, an indoor stand, a VIP area, garages and small catering rooms.

Next to the conference rooms, we have view terraces located in different parts of the building. The largest of them approx. 250 m², located on the second floor, has an excellent view of the big screen and a full view of the sport track.

Ground floor

On the ground floor, beside the reception, we have a hall with direct access to the sport track and a show room for up to two cars.

This zone is about 180 m². On the same level there is a lecture hall of approx. 55 m² with a projector, a screen and a sound system. You can also drive to park in this room.

First floor

On the first floor there is an indoor stand with a seating capacity of 150 people. Indoor stand has a partial view of the sport track and an excellent view of the big screen. Next to the stand we have two lecture rooms equipped with multimedia equipment. The rooms are approx. 20 m².

Second floor

On the second floor there is a multifunctional training room which can be divided into three smaller rooms. The room is equipped with multimedia equipment and a sound system. This room can be used as a VIP zone.

The entire hall is approx. 160 m². Glazed walls enable guests an excellent view of the entire sport track.

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