Training track

2400 meters


250 meters

the longest straight section of the track


independent training modules



upward and downward slant

100 meters

the largest skid plate length

20 meters

skid plate width

2,5 m

water wall height

7 meters

outer ring width of the skid pan

170 meters

outer ring length of the skid pan

Small skid plate (MT1)

The smaller of the two skid plates has dimensions of 9 x 75 m. There are wet obstacles in the form of water curtains (2 rows of 3 curtains each) that can create computer-controlled water walls with a height of up to approx. 1.5 m. The water curtains are activated by detectors located beneath the track. If the driver does not perform the exercise correctly and the car enters into the obstacle zone, the sensors deactivate the curtain preventing the car from damage. The small skid plate is dedicated for passenger cars only. The plate is ideal for exercises related to maneuvers during aquaplaning: braking, slalom or avoiding obstacles. Linear irrigation enables covering of the plate with a 1-2 cm layer of water.

Tor Modlin - tor szkoleniowy


Tor Modlin - tor szkoleniowy


Large skid plate (MT3)

The large skid plate has dimensions of 20 x 100 m. The plate is recommended for car, truck and bus drivers to develop skid control skills. Right before the plate there is a vehicle destabilizer. Thanks to the sensors measuring the speed and weight of the vehicle, the lurch force of the destabilizer is adjusted to these parameters. The plate is mainly used for oversteer skid training. The section has electronically controlled wet obstacles (2 rows of 4 curtains each) that can form water walls up to 2-2.5 m high, and dry obstacles that suddenly emerge. They are activated by detectors placed beneath the track. If you fail to do the exercise properly, the sensors deactivate the obstacles preventing vehicle from damage. Linear irrigation enables covering of the plate with a 1-2 cm layer of water.

Skid pan (MT2)

The main part of the skid pan with an external radius of 27 m is an outer skid ring with a width of 7 m. Cars, trucks and buses can use the skid pan. The section is equipped with 2 electronically controlled and programmed water curtains and mechanical obstacles to test driver reactions. The obstacles do not damage the vehicles, but they enable the simulation of different critical driving situations. The obstacles work in the sequence set by the instructor and are triggered by sensors placed beneath the track. When the driver fails to perform the exercise correctly and the vehicle enters into the obstacle zone, the detectors will turn off the curtain preventing vehicle from damage. The module is used for training understeer and oversteer skid, driving and braking on a bend on a slippery surface and staying on the track while braking with or without the ABS system.

Tor Modlin - tor szkoleniowy, płyta poślizgowa okrągła


Hill (MT4)

This module consists of two training hills: “dry” and “wet” of 10 percent upward and downward slant. The skid plate (dimensions 4 x 45 m) in this section is located on the “wet” downward slant. There are spot sprinklers along the downhill and at the end there are mechanical obstacles. The obstacle appearance depends on the exercise pattern. There are detectors installed in the asphalt which, in the event of driver’s error and vehicle detection in the barrier zone, automatically hide the obstacles preventing the car from damage. This module is recommended for skid control training  and avoiding the obstacle at the end of the hill descent.


Motorcycle section (MT5)

Motorcyclists have at their disposal a square of 37 x 130 m. On its surface there are white painted elements and outlined training modules for motorcycles: wheels, slaloms, tight corners .This area is an ideal place to successfully improve riding a motorcycle. A huge training area ensures safety and comfort of this module.

Tor Modlin - tor szkoleniowy, Sekcja Motocyklowa


Training ground (MT6)

Used for slaloms, any track configuration, coordination exercises.


Tor Ziemny Tor Modlin

Dirt track

This area with a loose dirt surface and obstacles offers the opportunity to test your off-road vehicles performance and off-road driving skills. Dedicated for quads, off-road cars or SUVs. The dirt track is very popular during  trainings or events organized at our centre.

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