Do I need a helmet when driving on the track?

We always recommend wearing  a helmet. It is mandatory for cars with a roll cage and cars with an open roof.

Do I need any special preparations before training or car track day?

It is recommended to wear something which you would feel comfortable to drive in. Clothes should fit the body and not impede movements. As for footwear, it is best to wear sport shoes with a soft and flat sole. The car should be technically efficient and fully tanked. The condition of the tyres and brake pads must allow correct driving on the track. Before you visit the track you should check or fill, if needed, all transmission fluids in the car.

What clothing do motorcyclists wear?

Helmet, boots, protectors, gloves and clothing intended for riding a motorcycle.

What exhaust noise limit do apply at the Modlin Circuit?

There are no limits in this regard. We are one of a few circuits in Poland where these limits do not apply.

Can I take my loved ones to a training course: family or friends?

You can, but they will not be able to be with you in the car during the course. They can stay at the waiting area in the main building.

Can I take a passenger for a track day?

Yes, you can drive with a passenger at no additional fees. This person must be an adult. If the passenger is underage, he/she must have a parental consent. Before entering the track, your passenger must sign the letter of consent.

Should I come for a training by my car or can I use your vehicle?

Both options are possible. You can use your own car and learn about its characteristics and behavior in unusual situations and then use gained knowledge and skills on the road. But if you prefer, you can choose a car from our fleet.

Will I get a refund in case of bad weather conditions?

If the weather prevents you from driving or taking part in a training, we will rebook to the first available date (transferred funds do not forfeit).

Is vulcanization on the premises?

We have a service station where you can change tyres and balance wheels.

Is there a garage on-site?

Yes, we have a garage where minor repairs can be done if necessary.

Can two drivers drive one car?

Yes, but an additional fee must be paid.

Can I drive two cars on the track in turns?

Yes, but an additional fee must be paid.

Must the car have a VIN number and number plate?

The centre area is closed and out of traffic so number plates are not required. At the circuit, our staff may ask guests to show documentation confirming the legality of the car. The vehicle must also have a valid third party liability insurance policy.

Can I come with my own instructor?

Yes, you can come to track day (free practice) with your instructor.

Is there an area for setting up a tent, service or grill?

According to the centre regulations, a service place is available. Guests can use this space, but they must leave it clean. In the case of service work, it is required to use tarpaulins to prevent soil contamination.

How long does the safe driving training take?

Safe driving training at the Modlin Circuit lasts 7 hours. We anticipate the same time for safe motorcycle riding training. The vast majority of the course, 75% of the training, are practical classes on the training track and skid plates.

Is it safe during free practice on the track?

Free practice takes place on our sport track in safe conditions. In addition, our flag marshals and instructors watch over the safety of the training participants, reacting to all risky behaviors and situations.

Do I drive alongside an instructor when driving a rally car from the Modlin Circuit fleet?

Yes, the instructor accompanies the participant at all times. At first, during the preparation for the drive, and then in the car while driving. The instructors take care of the guests and are at their disposal also during other events at the Modlin Circuit, such as track days or safe driving training.

Is it possible to pay for free practice or safe driving training on the spot?

Yes. For various activities from the Modlin Circuit offers such as: safe driving training, free practice, driving on the track with one of our fleet cars, you can pay on the spot. We accept payment by card or cash.

Is it possible to buy a voucher for safe driving training?

Yes. This applies not only to safe driving training for cars and motorcycles, but also to other activities from our offer: driving on a track using a car from the Modlin Circuit fleet, free practice, eco -driving training and defensive driving.

Do I have to pay for the instructor's assistance during a track day?

No. Firstly, track day starts with a briefing, so the instructors take care of the participants from the beginning. In addition, instructors are available to guests throughout the event and provide assistance. You pay only if individual consultations are required. You can hire an instructor for an hour (or longer) and then he is available exclusively to you.

Who are the trainings offered by Modlin Circuit for?

Safe driving, eco-driving and defensive driving courses are addressed to everyone. We invite beginners and professional drivers. We have courses for private persons and companies.

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