Film set at Tor Modlin

Film set at Tor Modlin

Tor Modlin offers not only training sessions,  free practice for cars and motorcycles. Our centre is also perfect as a film set for automotive programmes.

For the first time, we hosted a TV crew at Tor Modlin during winter. The creators of the “Automaniak” programme visited us. In recent weeks, such visits have increased .

In spring, we were visited many times by a team of “Auto Świat GO!” magazine. The striking opening credits of the programme was filmed at our centre. Later racing cars on Tor Modlin were a background for interviews with special guests of the programme. In the last three episodes we hosted the actor Szymon Bobrowski and two outstanding drivers: Krzysztof Hołowczyc and Rafał Sonik.

Auto Swiat Go Tor Modlin

Another programme in which you can see our distinctive gray-orange building, sport track and skid plates is broadcasted by TVN Turbo magazine “Car Wars”. The host and his guest tested a rally car on our track. The episode premiere will be broadcast in the autumn of 2018.

We have been regularly visited by the journalists of the automotive magazine “Auto Świat”. Their assessments and conclusions resulting from sport car tests and proven at Tor Modlin can be found both in the paper magazine “Auto Świat” and in various video materials of the editorial office.

Located in the vicinity of the Modlin airport, the Circuit was also a film set for programmes unrelated to the automotive industry. We appeared in an episode of the “Dancing with the Stars” broadcast in Polsat, showing the automotive passion of the well-known aesthetic medicine doctor Krzysztof Gojdz. Shots from our track and stands were also used in the medical series “Secrets of doctors”, broadcast on TVN Style. At Tor Modlin, part of the episode presenting the story of Patryk Kosiniak, who is struggling to return to full fitness, was filmed.

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