Eco – driving training

Eco – driving training

A proposal for companies and fleet managers who are aware of the fact that smooth driving and skilful handling of the gas pedal give tangible financial benefits, as well as for those who want to enable their drivers to learn the secrets of eco – driving. We offer training that – regardless of the car model – limits the use of fuel and all consumables to the limits, especially tyres, discs and brake pads. At the same time, this driving style is the most environmentally friendly, which creates a positive company image.

Tor Modlin Szkolenie jazdy ekonomicznej

During the training, we pay attention to reactions related to driving techniques and behavior behind the wheel, but also other important issues that affect fuel consumption, such as tyre condition and pressure in them. We show that proper reactions, driving with imagination and predicting situations on the road have an impact on lower fuel consumption by up to 20%. They also translate into less accidents and lower insurance and repair costs, as well as slower wear and tear on company cars, resulting in fewer visits at the garage and shorter fleet downtimes.

Practical classes include, among others:

  • Understanding the driving characteristics of road users
  • The theoretical part of eco – driving principles
  • Analysis of the behavior and mistakes made by course participants
  • Driving with the support of the instructor and using the rules of economical driving

Training details:

Number of participants: maximum 24 people (1 car and 1 instructor per 4 participants).
Duration of training: 7 hours.
Theoretical training: 30% of the time.
Practical training: 70% of the time.
Cold beverages, coffee break and lunch provided during classes.

Negotiated price.

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Tor Modlin Szkolenie jazdy ekonomicznej

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