Safe driving training cars. Stage 1.

Safe driving training for fleet customers. Stage 1.

The training is addressed to companies that want to improve the qualifications and skills of their employees related to driving a car and responding to difficult situations on the road. Benefits? First of all safety and additionally, lowering the cost of business operation by reducing claims. The introduction of defensive driving elements will,  in turn, reduce the consumption of consumables.

During the classes, we will show you how to drive safely. At our centre, we emphasize the correct position behind the wheel and the proper work of hands, in order to best respond to emergency situations and thanks to this safely reach your destination. During the training, we will teach you to observe the road and other users of the road carefully and recognize the emerging threat they may cause. We will make you aware of how to properly use safety systems. We will verify and eliminate bad habits of participants, we will pay attention to road risk.

Practical classes include, among others:

  • Skid plate trainings
  • Control slaloms
  • Emergency braking on the skid plate
  • Understeer skid – recognition, risk elimination, training on a wet skid pan with obstacles
  • Oversteer skid – recognition, risk elimination, training on a skid plate with vehicle destabilizer and speed gauge usage
  • Correct use of safety systems (ABS, ESP, etc.)

Training details:

Number of participants: 24 people.
Duration of training: 7 hours.
Theoretical training: 25% of the time.
Practical training: 75% of the time.
Cold beverages, coffee break and lunch provided during classes.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the training.

Negotiated price.

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