Safe driving training cars. Stage 2.

Safe driving training for fleet customers. Stage 2.

To participate in this training we encourage drivers, who have already completed the first stage, similar training in the past or people who have decided to participate in a more advanced programme. This course will help them improve and reach a higher level of driving skills.

In the more advanced stage, we will recall issues discussed and practiced during the previous training, with exposure to the position behind the wheel and ergonomics, but also show ways to recognize and avoid threats on the road and increase driving safety.

We will help to understand the loss of traction phenomenon. We will practise emergency braking, recognizing and avoiding understeer and oversteer skid. On a technically demanding section of the track, we will teach the participants the secrets of off- road driving.

Practical classes include, among others:

  • Skid simulation, recognition of understeer and oversteer skid
  • A sudden change of lane on a surface with variable traction and avoiding an obstacle
  • Emergency braking on a surface with variable traction and on a turn, avoiding an obstacle
  • Optimization of driving path – following the instructor

Training details:

Number of participants: 24 people.
Duration of training: 7 hours.
Theoretical training: 25% of the time.
Practical training: 75% of the time.
Cold beverages, coffee break and lunch provided during classes.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the training.

Negotiated price.

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