Defensive driving training

Defensive driving training

Here the most important thing is to achieve the highest level of road safety. Put simply, defensive driving is a style of driving a car, which helps to prevent an accident. It is a combination of many elements often overlooked while driving: observation techniques, predicting, maintaining appropriate distance from other road users, adherence to traffic regulations, but also unwritten rules of road culture or taking care of the vehicle technical condition. Participants of the training, which partially takes place on public roads, learn the rules of intelligent driving and choosing the right strategy, as well as the elements of economic driving, which allows to reduce the risk of collisions and accidents and reduce the costs of vehicle operation.

Szkolenie jazdy defensywnej

During the course we focus on safety, dynamics and economics, as well as reducing the stress level behind the wheel, and consequently – aggression.

Practical classes include, among others:

  • Getting to know the driving characteristics of road users
  • Analysis of participants’ mistakes and assessment of the road risk they cause
  • Indication and implementation of intelligent driving methods such as: optimal travel path, driving smoothness and average speed, selection of optimal transmission ratio, correlation of gas and steering wheel operation, proper use of brakes and reduction of gears

Training details:

Number of participants: maximum 24 people (1 car and 1 instructor per 4 participants).
Duration of training: 7 hours.
Theoretical training: 40% of the time.
Practical training: 60% of the time.
Cold beverages, coffee break and lunch provided during classes.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the training.

Price (participant’s car): PLN 738.
Price (a car from our fleet): PLN 799.

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Account number:

PKO BP SA 09 1020 1042 0000 8102 0240 7039
Recipient: Warszawski Ośrodek Doskonalenia Techniki Jazdy Sp. z o.o.
ul. Odlewnicza 8, 03-231 Warsaw

Szkolenie jazdy defensywnej

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