Safe riding training motorcycles

Safe riding training motorcycles

The training is addressed to people who are aware of the need to improve their skills, which translates to an increase of safety. The course, conducted by experienced instructors, will upskill the participants and tell you how to anticipate the behavior of others and deal with difficult situations on the road. During the classes we will discuss the laws of physics and forces related to the movement and stability of the motorcycle. We will take care of the correct riding position on the motorcycle, which is a key element for safe riding.

Szkolenie bezpiecznej jazdy motocyklem

Szkolenie bezpiecznej jazdy motocyklem

We will make you aware of weather conditions and how it may impact your motorcycle ride. We will also discuss topics related to issues such as clothing or the fatigue impact on the reaction speed and behavior on the road. The training will be tailored to the level of participants’ advancement and skills, and its programme will be created for participants needs.

Practical classes include, among others:

  • Correct motorcycle adjustment before driving
  • Keeping proper body position on the motorcycle
  • Improving of the steering technique
  • Improving the skills of proper response to emergency situations
  • Scorching
  • Braking in various conditions
  • Emergency braking with and without ABS

Training details:

Number of participants: 10-30 people.
Duration of training: 7 hours
Theoretical training: 25% of the time.
Practical training: 75% of the time.
Cold beverages, coffee break and lunch provided during classes.
You need to have your own motorcycle.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the training.

Price: PLN 490


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Account number:

PKO BP SA 09 1020 1042 0000 8102 0240 7039
Recipient: Warszawski Ośrodek Doskonalenia Techniki Jazdy Sp. z o.o.
ul. Odlewnicza 8, 03-231 Warsaw

Szkolenie bezpiecznej jazdy motocyklem

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