Track day motorcycles

Motorcycle track day

Motorcycle track day (free practice) is an opportunity to check and improve your motorcycle skills or motorcycle’s performance. Everything happens on the track in safe conditions. Track day is an offer for all motorcyclists, regardless of experience or equipment. During 4 hours you can test, train, race or ride for pleasure. We also offer the possibility to hire an instructor.

Participants are required to wear: helmet, boots, protectors, gloves and clothing intended for riding a motorcycle.

Tor Modlin - Track Day Jazdy Swobodne dla Motocykli

  • Tor Modlin - Track day – wolne jazdy motocyklem


Up to 40 motorcycles can participate in the training. Participants will be divided into groups. Groups take turns using the track, according to the schedule set for the day of the event, depending on a number of participants, in sessions lasting 15 minutes each.

Additionally, you can use the garage free of charge. We also offer a service station and assistance with minor repairs, as well as the possibility to change and balance tyres.

Experienced instructors, who are willing to share their expertise with the participants, are available. If it is your first time on the track, our instructor will provide support, advice and guidance.  1 on 1  (price: 123 PLN gross/person/1 hour).

If you are an experienced driver and frequently race on tracks, the sport track is something for you. The organizers will find you a place in an advanced group.

Our guests can purchase delicious snacks, hot tea, coffee or cold drinks at the vending machines.

Training programme:

  • registration of participants at the reception (ground floor) – from 12 p.m. (afternoon session: from 4 p.m., evening session: from 6:45 p.m.)
  • participants’ briefing: 1:30 p.m. (afternoon session: 5 p.m., evening session: 7 p.m.); all participants must attend
  • participants are divided into groups of up to 10 motorcycles
  • groups go to the track every 15 minutes; in turn

Price: PLN 199 / person / 4 h
Price: PLN 129 / person / 2.5 h

Persons who decide to take both afternoon and evening rides on the same day will pay only PLN 70 for the latter ones.

As motorcycle rides depend heavily on weather conditions, sessions will be organized depending on applications and payments. If we have a group of at least 10 people for a given date, sessions will be held.


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Tor Modlin - Track Day Jazdy Swobodne Dla Motocykli

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