Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

 Take care of the safety of your loved ones, fulfill your friends’ dreams or simply give someone important to you an unforgettable experience. How? Buy a voucher for any activity from the Tor Modlin offer.

Vouchery podarunkowe

  • Vouchery podarunkowe

Tor Modlin Vouchers

This solution is a great gift for any occasion –  birthdays, name days, bachelor’s or bachelorette’s parties or as a Christmas gift.

A voucher will be a great gift for both the beginner and the experienced driver, because using the gift voucher you can buy anything from the Tor Modlin offer: safe driving by car or a motorcycle at different levels of advancement, track days, economic or defensive driving course or driving a car from our fleet.

Vouchers are available in the electronic form, can be purchased at the Tor Modlin or sent by post to the indicated address. In the case of an electronic voucher, you do the paperwork quickly and without leaving your home. The only condition for issuing a voucher is making a payment. The voucher can also be an excellent last minute gift.

The validity period of the voucher is one year from the date of purchase, and it can be redeemed once the reservation of the service and the date has been made.

Do you want to buy a voucher? Choose the product you are interested in from our offer and contact us:

Rules of sale and redeem of a voucher

Tor Modlin - Vouchery podarunkowe

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