Scania atTor Modlin

Scania atTor Modlin

At the beginning of June, Tor Modlin hosted Scania Polska. One of the world’s largest truck manufacturers organized an integration event for its employees at our centre.

Participants of the event took part in activities prepared by us on our two tracks.

Many attractions took place on the training track. Two groups practiced on skid plates correct reaction in difficult conditions on the road. On a smaller plate, the drivers were training slalom on a slippery surface. On a larger plate, with a vehicle destabilizer, drivers trained how to control a car in a slip.

At the same time, some guests were driving on the sport track. Participants of the event had at their disposal sport cars from our fleet and could test the performance of cars with a capacity of 220, 300 and even 500 HP.

Scania na Torze Modlin

These were not the only awe-inspiring machines that delivered emotions that day. Scania employees also drove vehicles much larger than passenger cars. They could sit behind the wheel of Scania trucks and experience a completely different feeling related to driving, avoiding obstacles and training sudden braking.

The last activity was first aid training. Guests were actively involved in the simulation of a car accident which was followed by a theoretical part.

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